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  Let Go of Unwanted Stress, for Love, Wisdom & Happiness!
for the past 30 years my passion has been freedom and truth...your journey is my passion...The Secret IS Surrender & Love!
A Global Welcome To You 
Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons, 
Best Selling Author, Speaker, Licensed 
Releasing Facilitator & Global Entrepreneur.
  ...dedicated to Awareness Awakening to Itself!
the 'gentle art of surrender'
Our Mis-identification With What Is False Obscures The TRUTH and Inhibits Our Freedom to Love... The Emotions are a Device of Separation, Pain, and Suffering. Let Go, Be Free, and Love.

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F.E.A.R.=False Evidence Appearing Real. 
Are unwanted, stressful EMOTIONS strangling you?
Stress has its roots in our mind.  It can make us ill, cause over-acidity in our body, keep us confused, upset, and in wrong thinking and actions. We are living in a dream of our own making. Until we awaken and live alive  FROM our heart, our life IS unsatisfying and fearful.

 Learn HOW To Let Go!

 HeartWisdom(TM) Seminars from Awakenedheart
 is dedicated to helping people worldwide become aware, awake and free. Free To Let Go on the spot. For over 30 years I have been teaching and guiding 'releasing from the heart' helping others awaken their own Truth, Love and HeartWisdom(TM) and live FROM love.
It is our Divine Nature to live an awakened life, and
to be free. Joy is your natural state of Being

Jeannie Fitzsimmons CNVI LCT 'Viveka'  Master Facilitator, World Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer

In 'the gentle art of surrender', one becomes aware,  happy, and enlightened to the Truth of one's Heart of Love.   The Power of Letting Go is the Key! offers a practical step-by-step path to open the heart, and directly eliminate what causes pain, stress, tension, fear, anxiety..meaning we are simply caught in our suffering.   HeartWisdomSeminars or events guides you Home.   Yes! I can help!
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To the RIGHT are my offerings of healing, freedom, and happiness!  

Belief  we are separate, fearful, unworthy human beings...separate from Love.
All that I offer from this website, to help you return, surrender, reunite with your Source, HeartWisdom, LOVE, GOD, SELF! 

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My Promise to You On 
Your Inner Journey:
I am dedicated to you and your desire for Freedom, Joy, Love, Awakened Wisdom & Happiness! 
Your Heart Holds The Key! 
Let me show you the benefits 
of   'releasing from the heart'!
A Message from my heart to yours...from SEDONA, AZ
What I can Offer You:
Private Sessions via
SKYPE or Phone

My popular "Self-Love, Trust & Surrender" event 
is offered this Spring..30 Days, for 30 Minutes a day. Watch your life transform!

3-  RETREATS in the Beautiful Red Rocks of magical Sedona, teaching the 'gentle art of letting go' --the INNER journey of
 'Releasing from the Heart of Wisdom! No-where TO Go!     Email me with any  questions! 

About Jeannie Viveka Fitzsimmons)
Passionate about freedom, Jeannie is a 'Letting Go', Licensed Releasing Facilitator, a Dynamic,  Transformational Leader and guide, living the Principles of Truth from the heart. A Published Best-Selling Author, Reiki Master, Producer & TV/Radio Host/Guest, Energetic Medicine Healer, Multi-Platinum Songwriter, a 25 year Specialist in Natural Vision Improvement, and Composer of 6 CD's of Healing Music.In 1980's she helped develop a 110 Acre Spiritual Retreat Center near Sedona-- the Sedona Self Realization Group, devoted to freedom and spiritual awakening. This work has gone to thousands of people around the world. For over 30 years, she's been a dynamic speaker, world traveling 'letting go' teacher, professional flutist/ keyboardist, and skilled releasing retreat leader. Following an 18-month resting sabbatical in Ojai, California, she continues to write, work with private students around the world and now lives her life in Sedona, AZ, USA, remaining dedicated to guiding people into Self Realization, love, liberation, true freedom  for ALL BEINGS to be happy and free.. 
    2015: The New Paradigm has already begun... 
    It is time for each of us to LIFT OUR LIGHT into the world, for peace, compassion, loving kindness and joy! 

Awaken Your HeartWisdom(TM) Wake Up In Sedona!

"The ongoing unfolding of an awakened heart is a fragrant flower, blessing everyone as its petals continue to open."
- Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons

Mission Statement: LIGHT UP THE WORLD!
 AwakenedHeart & HeartWisdomSeminars 
To serve the Absolute Truth in All Beings...that Eternal Love, the Awakening Christ Nature,
our Inherent Loving Nature and the Re-Awakening of ALL to that ONE Love. You already ARE 
the Light, that which you may seek. My commitment is to that Profound Wisdom of the Heart, 
Love, Consciousness, Higher Power, Liberation, God, Eternal Self, Awakening and that which 
is Ever Present in Every ONE, at all times. To Realize this is Grace.  I humbly bow to this Truth 
and honor all who have come before us. My devotion and releasing/letting go/surrender work 
serves that Truth that all are seeking. To come HOME, and remain in the awareness  that you 
Already Are...Only Love. The Secret truly is within, and it is Surrender.  Namaste.

I am Licensed in 6 various healing modalities, from 'core' releasing to 
energetic Master Certifications, such as Reiki Master, Christ Light,  Drisana(TM) and 
Lovestream(TM) Systems, and specialties in neuro-acoustic healing music, as well as 
30 years Natural Vision Improvement. In addition to having a private practice for 
many years in Austin, Texas during the 90's, I have offered most of my work in 
private and corporate environments--primarily in small groups of under 30. 
I invite you to receive the gifts of freedom,  healing  and health in practical Body, 
Emotions, Spirit, and Soul solutions, through my 40 years of evolving work. It is my wish for you 
to embrace ways to become WHOLE and live a more joyous, liberated life of awakened 
HeartWisdom(TM)  Many Blessings to You on this most sacred healing Journey of 
Awakening to Love!

Find out Who you Truly Are--
Only then can you Know Love!

My own 'apparent life' cracked open, dissolved an disappeared as I knew it 
and myself to BE  in July of 1980.  Since that time, this ever-expanding awareness of the 
Truth of Who and What I AM, has led this life of love. It has taken me many years to 
mature into and embrace this 'clear seeing' that is well beyond one's mind to comprehend, 
and the wonder of Truth  and Love that each Being already IS. My own joy is the natural 
blend of WISDOM and DEVOTION, and as Adyashanti and others over the years  would tell me  
and affirm, in the late 1990's, when both wings of the dove are balanced, the dove takes flight. 
I have taken flight and have retired my former name identity from a theatrical life in 2012.

This surrender into the awakening of this heart occurred for me and was again amplified 
during my  profoundly life-changing journey in India in 1997.  The dropping away was even 
deeper yet,  I was present, and had become everything, yet nothing, loving, and free, and in joy 
at this falling into  the unknown. I had many profound guides and Masters on this most sacred 
journey of ever expanding  awakening. My own book: BELOVED REFLECTIONS was written 
during this several years of evolution, and  falling away of the 'false self'. Recognizing 
WHO and WHAT we truly ARE is the only purpose of this life...for to  know this directly is 
to LOVE. It is simply NATURAL. Inquiring, truth-telling, and igniting our inner Wisdom and Heart 
are necessary. Since an unexpected Self-Recognition of my True Nature occurred 
in July of 1980, I have lived a devoted life of service to Freedom, Truth, Love, and 
Awakening of All Beings. It is simply natural. This is everyone's  Nature of Love. 
I have served this Truth each day forward with Joy.  How may I serve YOUR desire for freedom? 
Each website and blog has ever-deepening writing, and information for you, so you 
can let me know what you are seeking, and how I can help your find. 

Seeking must be put aside for wisdom to dawn. The death of 'seeking' and its accompanying
sense of disillusionment with this illusory dream, is a necessary part of awakening. What is false
must be seen through, for that which is true to be revealed. Surrender is always the key, 
humility dissolves the lock and wisdom and love open the door to your own awakened heart.
Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons

Founding HeartWisdom(TM) Seminars and AwakenedHeart in 2000 is my vehicle for 
education, sharing my own wisdom, and continuing teaching. I began to teach more formally 
 and publicly, from the Awakenedheart of Wisdom and Grace. All Beings are free, simply covered 
with the 'misunderstanding of separation and practiced limitation'. I welcome you, 
wherever you are in this magnificent world, to connect with me, attend my live events, 
or online tele-seminars, meet me here in Sedona, Arizona, a powerful spiritual hub 
on this planet, or in Private Phone or SKYPE sessions online. 

2012 brings us a new vision, support from others more consciously focused upon love. Taking
the opportunity to choose love, as we are moving so swiftly into more of awakened and 
loving planet even though in truth, no one and no-thing is moving anywhere. 
This is the paradox of awakening. There is no where to go, no one to awaken, and nothing to DO, 
but simply to BE.

 Let the photos take you to my various offerings for healing, health, awareness, awakening, 
emotional well being, clarity,  and so much more. Download the FREE Preview Calls and 
Interview calls to your iPod or Computer and simply let the love pour into you. 
Enjoy these websites and let me know how I can serve your 
own needs, heart's yearning, and opening of your own heart. 

I remain your humble servant of Truth and to your awakening of the heart.  

Your freedom is waiting for you, right inside your own awakened heart of wisdom.   
What I teach, or rather 'point to', is universal and at the heart of all people, 
every person regardless of life experiences, or seeming limitation. Balancing our life 
from within, from the wisdom of the heart brings joy, love, clarity, discrimination, 
truthfulness and awakened living.  

So as this beautiful photograph reflects the silence, beauty, and stillness and the 
words of many Masters throughout the Ages:  

"Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you." 
"Be still and know." The Christ

"The only purpose of life is to realize the Self. All other activities are waste of time."  
Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi

(from my own experience...there are many others)
From Practical to Sublime in no particular order:

                                                                       Beloved Reflections.. One Woman's Journey Through the 
                                                                               Fire of Life to the Heart of Love   Jeannie Fitzsimmons
                                          Prose/Poetry...My life unfolding  Available upon Request

Books That Impacted my Life:

Notes To Myself   Hugh Prather 
         The Way To Love   Anthony de Mello
         Way of the White Clouds    Rajneesh
                      Jonathan Livingston Seagull,   Richard Bach
          I AM THAT   Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
                    Prior To Consciousness    Ramesh Balsekar
                    From Onions to Pearls    Satyam Nadeem   
  TALKS  by Sri Ramana Maharshi
                              The Divine Romance    Paramahansa Yogananda
           Whispers From Eternity   Yogananda
                           Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting    Author Later
             Autobiography of a Yogi    Yogananda
      The White Swan   Sri Ramakrishna
                     Halfway Up The Mountain   Mariana Caplan
                                                       Cutting  Through  Spiritual  Materialism      Chogyam  Trungpa   
                                                                                  Bhagavad Gita...The Song of God  Translated by Prabhavananda
                                                                                          The Tao of Relationships   Ray Grigg
                                                                                           A Net Of Jewels  Ramesh Baleskar
                                                                                           Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway   Susan Jeffers PhD
                                                                                           You Can't Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought  McWilliams/Roger
                                                                                           Eat,  Pray,  Love   Elizabeth Gilbert
                                                                                           The Prophet   and  Quotes on Love  Khalil Gibran
                                                                                           The Passion Test    Janet Bray Atwood and Chris Atwood
                                                                                           The Power of Now   Eckhart Tolle
                                                                                           Focusing   Eugene Gendlin PhD
                                                                                           Forgiveness Journal  Kristin E. Robertson
                                                                                          The 9 Intense Experiences   Brian Vaszily
                                             Hafiz & Rumi  Quotes to the Divine
                                                                                           Way of The Peaceful Warrior   Dan Millman              
                                                                                          The 7 Spiritual Laws    Deepak Chopra
                                                                                          The Success Principles   Jack Canfield
                                                                                           All The World's A Stage    Dennis Weaver
                                                                                          The BIBLE  Old and New Testaments
                                                                                           Excuse Me! Your Life Is Waiting
                                                                                           Celestine Prophecy  
                                                                                           Prior To Consciousness   Ramesh Balsekar

 Namaste'.... Many Blessings and Love to you, my Dear Self!   
Ms. Jeannie 'Viveka' Fitzsimmons  Non-Dual/Spiritual Teacher of Transformation from Within

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